Be Strong Be Brave Be You

Perfect for
Girl Scout troops,
Sports teams,
Girls Clubs and more!

2 hr workshop for Girls,

Ages 6 and up

Includes a copy of the book,

Strong is the New Pretty

by Kate T. Parker


  • Conquer challenging obstacles

  • Work together in obstacle team building 

  • Compete in ninja vs. ninja races 



  • American Ninja Warrior competitors (Adult and Juniors) share their journeys

  • Discuss what makes us each feel strong and brave

  • Share best-selling book, Strong Is The New Pretty, highlighting “the strength and spirit of girls being 100 percent themselves.” 



  • Discuss mantras and how they can help us face our fears

  • Create our own unique mantras

  • Illustrate our own page in the book Strong Is The New Pretty so we can be part of the success story!

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